Flipscript Ambigram Tattoos

Whether you are deciding to ink your skin for the first time or are doing so for the hundredth time, you know that ambigrams make the perfect tattoo choice! Ambigrams allow you to blend the names and/or phrases that inspire you the most together into one design – there is no end to the possibilities! Use the names of your family, children, or loved ones to forever illustrate their imprint on your life, or identify the words and/or phrases that help to define who you are! Flipscript is excited to now be able to offer two font options for custom ambigram tattoos: Wyndestorm and our newest font, Fyrewater!

When you order your Flipscript ambigram tattoo design from our ambigram generator, you receive a high resolution graphic that is easily transferred the skin, enabling your tattoo artist to recreate the best ink possible. Although we have been offering tattoo designs for only a short time, we are already getting outstanding feedback from customers and artists alike, who rave about their love for Flipscript ambigram tattoos.

If you try out a combination of words that doesn’t seem to have a solution in the ambigram generator, Contact Us to let us know, as we can often make it possible for your design to work out by creating additional artwork.


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    carmen Says:


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    carmen Says:


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    roniel Says:

    pwede pa picture :D

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    Rahul Says:

    HI am unable to access your website http://www.flipscript.com in India. Any particular reason you have restricted the access ??

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    Sumalatha Says:

    Hello, I’m unable to access your website http.//www.flipscript.com in India. Is there Any particular problam to restricted the access ???

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    herman Says:

    could you design an ambigram tatoo for me?i want to suprise my girlfriend..
    herman/krizza plz

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    brisbane brimstone Says:

    Fight the good fight, i think i could stand to keep that on my body…

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    could you design an ambigram tatoo for me :)

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